Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A summary of the Prophet history - part 01

* 'Abd al-Muttalib chose Aminah bint Wahb bin' Abd Manaf bin Zurah bin Kilab became the wife of his son, 'Abdullah.
* Aminah considered the most noble woman was from the point of origin and position. His father is the head of the Children of Venus.
* 'Abd al-Muttalib has sent' Abdullah to Yathrib to collect supplies for the trading of trading in Syria.
* "Abdullah had died in Yathrib and was buried at Al-Dar Al-Ja'di Nabighah. At that time, "Abdullah, aged 25 years.
* Born in Bani Hashim in Mecca placement in orphanages.
* Born on Monday, 9th Rabi `al-Awwal in the first event of the elephants, equivalent to 20 or 22 April 571 AD.
* Extraordinary events (irhas) that occur at birth:
+ 14 curves fall Kisra Palace gates
+ worship the fire extinguishing Majusi
+ Churches around the collapsed Bahirah Rice
* When Abd al-Muttalib to find out announcing the birth of his grandson that he went to the Kaaba and pray and give thanks. Thus given the name Muhammad, the name of the foreign enough for the Arabs at that time.
* The first nurse him, after his mother was Thuwaybah, which is a servant of Abu Lahab.

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