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The Prophet birh.

Prophet was born on Monday. On the day of his birth had been there a few miracles. Every woman would give birth to feel pain, but the mother does not feel the messenger of the pain. After the Prophet SAW separated from his mother after birth, then direct him down to the Almighty and the Almighty Allah said: "It would!" The Prophet SAW was born in the state have been circumcised. Prohibited devils up to the sky, when the Prophet was born. But before, the devil can up and down the sky, to hear the speech and the conversation made by the angel. When they are not allowed up into the sky, they gather and meet the devil, they said: "Before we can go up to heaven, but today we were forbidden to go up." He said: "Endure all the surface of the earth, from west to to the east and see the good things that actually happened. "

They are working on. Finally after around the east and west, they came to Mecca. There they saw the Prophet Muhammad SAW is surrounded by the angels, and the flashing light from her to ascend into heaven, while the angels reciprocate greetings and peace with one another.
Then, go to the devil, the devil is facing the devil, adding that all of what they see. He then said: "It was born" natural ayah and mercy to the children of Adam, that is why you were prevented for up to the sky, where views and the views of its followers. "

Kabul Press reported. said: "I have seen in the Torah that God told Moses people. on the second birth of Prophet Muhammad, he said, "Indeed, the star will place, as you know, when it moved from its place indicating that the Prophet was born."

When the Prophet was born, in fact, moving story, and moved from its original place. But the Jews all know that God told the Prophet that had been born into the world, but they hide, because envy in their hearts.

And Allah has told the people Jesus
in the Bible, that when a dry palm tree becomes fertile, leafy and fruit. Looking at those events, the Christians were aware that the Messenger of the Covenant in the Bible had been born into the world. But these events secret, because of their transgression as well.

In the Psalms God already told, that when the spring they know the issue of water, the messenger who promised to sign them to appear on the surface of the earth.

Then right at the time the Prophet was born, in fact, the springs produce water that spilled over full.
They were aware of the incident, but because of their transgression, in fact, they gather the news.

Halimah, the mother of the Prophet Muhammad milk before feeding the Prophet, one of milk do not produce milk. But when he put the milk into the mouth of Allah, when it is out of milk, Halimah.

When the Prophet was born, heard a voice from the corners of the Temple.

From the first corner, "has come true Islam, and ignorance will not come again."

From the second angle: "There hath come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves, grieves him suffer. Very long for faith and security for you. Very compassionate and caring towards those who believe. "

From the third corner, "has come to light (Prophet) of God and the Book (the Quran) which explains."

From the point of the fourth: "O Prophet, verily We have sent to a witness and a bearer of glad tidings and a warner, and as a summoner to Allah by His leave, and to be light."

Reported that Abdul Muttalib said: "While I was at the Temple is filled with idols, the gods suddenly falling from their places and prostrate to Allah. And I heard a voice from the wall of the Temple saying "he has been born who will destroy the choice of those who disbelieve, and I will grow from these idols, and I am commanded to worship the All-Knowing."

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