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* Lineage and character
Khadijah was a beautiful princess, noble Quraish. Through the womb of a woman gentleman, Fatimah bint al-Asyam Zaidah bin bin Harim bin Rawahah bin Hajar bin 'Abdi bin Ma'ish bin' Amir bin Luwai bin Ghalib bin Fihr, grandfather of ten stages to the Prophet Muhammad SAW His father named Khuwailid bin Asad bin 'Abdul' Uzza bin Qusyai bin Kilab bin Murrah bin Ka'b bin Luwai bin Ghalib bin Fihr. By tree consanguinity Quraish tribe, belonging to Khadijah Siti Quraysh tribe Asadiyah one of the respected tribe of the period. Nomination quarter Asad is dinisbahkan to his own grandfather. Siti Khadijah, born in a magnificent apartment, and large in 68 years before the Hijra, or 15 prior to the elephant. He adopted and raised by both parents to love and be proper and appropriate Tarbiah to claim his time education and guidance provided by both parents accepted and followed by a loyal and obedient to his appearing as a woman gentleman The character was noble and proud kebangsawanannya status. It is therefore not surprising when people call it the title of Al-Tahirah meaning holy woman. In addition, he is also known as Umm Hanad Sayyidatu Ratio warning and the name of his son Hanad bin Abi Halah results from his first marriage. Beloved father, Khuwailid bin Asad died before the war Fijar, that civil war happened in the land of Hijaz in the year 584 AD or 15 years after the events Ka'abah attack by Ethiopian forces, led by Abraha. After his father died, Siti Khadijah kept by his uncle Amrin bin Asad. He lived in the house of his brother bapoa in a controlled and not different from what we found when you are in the care and custody of her parents own. When he was aged about 30 years. As women who have Tarbiah childhood, Siti Khadijah was a personal attitude of the character. He holds strong to the values and code of the owner. He is also known as a wise woman and understand saesuatu problem (dzakiyah), keep away from bad practices ('iffah), berperilaku holy (Thuhri), generous (Samahah), generous (Sakha "). In addition, Sayyidina Khadijah is a woman of noble descent more noble, courageous, active ('Aqilah), reserved (Mashunah) great (Jalilah), the sacred heart (al-Sarirah Naqiyyah), clean soul (al-Syafiyah Spirit). Beautiful face is captured, radiant, soft feeling, feeling satisfied with just doing something.

* Marriage by Abu Halah
Year after year Siti Khadijah has stepped into her teens, but he still has a commendable qualities of inspiration since childhood. Beauty and appearance, beauty has always been a reference to each person. Attitude that has captured the hearts of young people to editing and are made for friends and life. Most young people who come from engagement among esteemed and noble Quraish. After careful choice Siti Khadijah was set for a man named Abu Halah ibn Zurarah bin Habib bin Salamah bin 'Adiy bin Jarwah bin USAID bin' Amr bin Al-Tamin TAMINI, descendants of the Children 'Abdi Al-Dar bin Qusyai. Joint Abu Halah, Siti Khadijah given two baby, Hindun bin Abi Halah and Zainab bint Abu Halah. Hindun is the son of Khadijah, which have met with the Prophet Muhammad and profess the religion of Islam. In fact, it includes the good character and also help in spreading the teachings of Islam. After a few years after the death of Abu Halah, Siti Khadijah was married to a man from among the Quraish aristocracy, known as 'Atiq ibn' Atidz bin 'Abdillah bin' Umar bin Al-Mahzumiy Mahzun. His marriage with 'Atiq-lived and they were separated. But never stated whether the separation occurred because 'Atiq died or they divorced, living. After parting with 'Atiq ibn' Atidz, menjanda Siti Khadijah had for years, although many wealthy nobleman and the next engagement, but he was not intending to have a family again. He is more focused on educating and nurturing their children and manage the business.

* Travel Brings Blessing
Khadijah administer business intelligence to be bandied about. Not only because he is rich, but because of the attitude of his benefactor shingga impress people, he also called the duchess, tycoon and philanthropist. Siti Khadijah ability to manage its business makes the business look up to to Yemen and Syria. He intends to submit its business affairs in Makkah and Yathrib Quraishi men who can be trusted. News about the honesty of Muhammad Khadijah came to knowledge, and sent supporters to find Maisarah Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib to ask Muhammad to work with it. He promised to double wages to him. Abu Talib happy with the offer, then delivered to him. "O Muhammad, his family lives poor, so I am not wealthy is best let you (son) works with Khadijah. He was believed kejujuranmu to manage its business. "" It's up to uncle, which is good I take it. "Muhammad Al-Amin said. Once agreed, Khadijah Muhammad met to discuss and make a deal: "I manawarkanmu this job because I am confident that you trust and someone who can take care of this perniagaanku. Keluhuranmu has spread everywhere, even outside of Mecca. "Strict Siti Khadijah. But Muhammad and his followers went to the Syrians. Khadijah Maisarah direct assistant to go with Muhammad to find out the truth about honesty and kindness, Muhammad. After their departure to Syria, Khadijah think the news will be presented by Maisarah on their return later. In her feel worried about the safety of Muhammad in the course of the disorder, especially Jews.

* Good News For Khadijah
After completion of all the business of trading in Mecca, Muhammad with Maisarah went back to Makkah with the caravan. They returned with a large profit. Setiba in Mecca, Khadijah Maisarah continue to meet the menanati look very happy. He asked about trade and about Muhammad. All inquiries Khadijah Khadijah described by Maisarah until satisfied. Maisarah said Khadijah Muhammad curiosity: "I saw a lock of clouds always memayungi Muhammad from hot sun during the journey, like the messenger of Allah, obedience to him ..." The story that impressed Khadijah Maisarah to hear the news. "The other thing is when we break for tired. At that time, Muhammad Al-Amin shelter under shady shaken near the home of a Christian monk named Nastur. He has to know about Muhammad when they see the shadows of the trees that extend to protect Al-Amin from terikkan hot sun. "Khadijah not wait to hear the next story and urged Maisarah to talk again. "Monk Christians approach us and say that no one under the shadow of the tree except the Prophet and Rasulyang given by God with special qualities and commendable character. Then the monk was asked whether there is red in both eyes, and I stated there. He said that dugaannya from the beginning is true. He has told me to take care of Muhammad with a good and polite to him. "Clearly Maisarah. I heard it the more excited Khadiajh want to know about Muhammad. Maisarah telling Muhammad to serve customers more discipline. He never appealed to the public to buy goods trade. "What a happy one dealing with Muhammad. Attitude gentle, honest and reasonable prices make people want to buy trade goods. "Listening to it, Khadijah's confident that his choice is not lost even further develop its business. Meanwhile, Muhammad came to surrender all of its trading to Khadijah. Khadijah had been awaiting the coming of Muhammad with a happy heart. Muhammad treated so well and respect. Report of Muhammad and Khadijah was so fun to pay the wages of Muhammad as the promises before. Muhammad returned with his wages. His uncle, Abu Tahlib was happy to see Muhammad in a safe home. Muhammad was delighted to be able to help them earn a living uncle family. After Muhammad returned Khadiajh felt that Muhammad's fun and he has never met a young man as Muhammad. Now Muhammad has attracted attention.

* The Happy Marriage
Relations Khadijah and Muhammad as an employer with employees running smoothly. Khadijah increasingly encouraging business and profits also doubled. He grew rich and difficult for unmatched by other dealers. Khadijah Muhammad is not only regarded as employees but as partners. Of Khadijah, Muhammad was menguntungkannya assets than other employees. Khadijah not only attracted to him for wisdom in business, but also because Muhammad polite and have a high ahklak jugfa for looks and voice sonority. Speech fit the soft always be remembered by Khadijah. Is not something strange when Khadijah hope against Muhammad. There is a sense of themselves hesitate to mention. He often asked himself why the hope must grow and sprout in his place but he himself does not find the answers to these questions. Khadijah has menjanda feel the presence of Muhammad who worked with him have been raised in his beautiful feeling. Khadijah own sense of wonder when it appears again after the age increases. "My heart ..." bisiknya. "What then should that make you appear again ...? But so long you sleep in the freezer and kebisuan long ...? Even so, the feeling dipendamnya he embarrassed himself and to express his feelings to someone else, even to those who are trusted. This is because he is worried about the telling-off people about it, though he had been closing his doors to men, whether from the nobility or wealthy Quraish. Once aware of that fact, he felt ashamed of himself, and he is aware of the age difference with Muhammad Al-Amin. Besides which Muhammad will not necessarily willing to accept him as a friend lives. Muhammad was young, handsome, fresh, noble and honorable. Only one of the benefits of Khadijah has vast wealth. But beliaujuga know that Muhammad was not a yanmg want wealth. In the event that there is no vision of the end of the base, Khadijah had heard the sound of knocking at the door of his house. Concern disappears immediately when you see the friend who came to visit the daughter Nafisah Minyah. The conversation the two friends was very happy, the country's problems came to domestic issues. Without realizing it, terungkaplah name of Muhammad on good behavior and the ability to Muhammad. Nafisah can read what is implied in the heart of Khadijah then intentionally Nafisah specialized hearing about personal feelings Khadijah Muhammad until the sprout in his heart to his friend is. "But ... Is Muhammad would accept this I feel?" Asked Khadijah. Nafisah to comfort the hearts of his companions was to enhance him that he is descended from noble, wealthy, philanthropist more beautiful. Although age has been increased but she was beautiful and the beauty that causes many men are interested in editing. Nafisah Khadijah has promised to help with things that are kept secret from Khadijah. Promise that his friend had given confidence to Khadijah. One day, Nafisah deliberately go find Al-Amin Muhammad and ask him. "Muhammad ... Why are you not married?" Muhammad will be silent to hear the questions. Muhammad then said with a smile: "I am not able to settle down." The short answer. Nafisah said: "What is your opinion in case there is a strikingly beautiful woman, wealthy, aristocratic and philanthropist memintamu to marry her?" Certainly Muhammad Nafisah understand the expression, but Mohammed still asked: "Who are you talking about that woman?" "Khadijah, Khadijah bint Khuwailid. "Nafisah short answer. "If he wanted, I would not refuse." Answer Muhammad was. Nafisah not seem to believe that Muhammad heard the answer. To ensure that no mistake Nafisah asked himself: "What you say is true, Muhammad?" Gesanya. "Yes. I am in earnest. "Answer Muhammad. After obtaining responses from Muhammad, Nafisah immediately went to Khadijah to deliver news that Muhammad son of Abdullah agreed to marry her. Khadijah face beaming after hearing the answer. As a symbol of joy and thanksgiving to God for the good news, then Khadijah distribute wealth to the people of the poor and anyone who needs it. Meanwhile, Muhammad Al-Amin immediately notify the matter to his uncle Abu Talib, Abbas and Hamza. They are happy once and without having to bring them, has agreed to discuss proposals to marry Muhammad Khadijah bint Khuwailid. So, Muhammad asked his uncle to submit the proposal to Khadijah. But all three of their immediate family to meet Khadijah the uncle Amr ibn Muhammad Asad to submit proposal for Khadijah. Amr ibn Asad Muhammad agreed and accepted proposal. On the appointed day, Khadijah Muhammad went to the house. Also present at the same walimah is Hamzah, Abu Talib and Abbas. They celebrated the arrival of family friendly Khadijah, with respect to the procedure simple. In walimah, Abu Talib to express on behalf of the man and his speech was greeted by Amr ibn Asad. Amr ibn Asad expressed openly against the acceptance of Muhammad as a husband and family, his nephew, Khadijah the dowry (bride price) of 20 camels. Holding the wedding ceremony of Muhammad and Khadijah. Animal slaughter cattle and wasp kompang further boosted the ceremony. While poor people were happy and they were treated well by the family of Khadijah. Everyone has a poor and needy who came at that time will be given prizes worth by Khadijah. At the invitation was also present Halimatul Saadiah, mother milk Muhammad. He came from a rural village located in Mecca, known as Bani Saad village only to witness the marriage of Muhammad and Khadijah. Halimah Khadijah at home for two days. During that Khadijah was serving well and respect Halimah. Muhammad Halimah was very happy with the attendance at the event and felt as if at the time kandungnya mother, Aminah also witnessed the auspicious day. The next day, Halimah ask yourself to return to the village. Women's voluntary departure by the gentleman with a sense of Muhammad and Khadijah were happy to have donated 40 goats as a token of gratitude to the woman on his honor that had been nursing her husband, 25 years ago. Khadijah grateful to be a wife of Muhammad, a man of character and praised by the entire Arab community at the time. Even her husband is the best man among the Quraysh and seutama people. As a very good wife Khadijah offending her, but he is a prime example in this respect and love her husband. Khadijah is understood that her favorites were her favorites became favorite and vice versa. On one day, Khadijah Muhammad is a pity to see a former slave named Zaid bin he Harithah, but Khadijah was honored as the Prophet Muhammad Zaid, honor and love. Learned that when Khadijah Muhammad would like to take the child's uncle, Ali bin Abi Talib the small, Khadijah also give impetus to her husband about the matter. Nay, it is also the education and nurturing Ali with love.

* Household Happy And Full Blessing
Home that was built by Muhammad Al-Amin Khadijah bersam full peace and order, peace and happiness, they do not have a misunderstanding about anything, even old Khadijah, 15 years older than Muhammad Al-Amin, who was then 25 years old. However, as a human being and they feel that their home is built with the full understanding and mutual understanding is not complete as long as they still have not obtained a penyeri baby home. They miss the presence of children in their homes to brighten the atmosphere as well as a string of strong link between his wife Sumi. Allah the Most Gracious knows what hearts broken in two of his servants that. He gave them a great favor they expect. They feel very happy because they would fondle their first baby soon. Meanwhile, Khadijah was preparing to celebrate the presence of all the requirements of the first child of a beloved husband, Muhammad al-Amin. With the permission of Allah, it is a much awaited day is. So born a princess of cute faces like Muhammad and Khadijah. As soon as Muhammad al-Amin knew that the princess was born he immediately approached her and kissing her forehead and then support her and diribanya. The eldest daughter of the king named Zainab. As a token of gratitude, the gift of God, they had a feast with a number of camels slaughtered and given to the poor in the city of Mecca. They are very happy to celebrate the birth of the children of Hashim Zainab bint Muhammad Al-Amin. Then, as is common among the aristocracy of Quraysh, Khadijah give daughters to mothers milk that has been booked before the birth of her baby. Three years later, was born the second daughter of Muhammad, the name Ruqiyyah. He also delivered milk to the mother as his sister Zainab. After that, they are given more of a boy named Ummi Kalsum. Five years before Muhammad was a messenger, Allah has bestowed another daughter named Fatima. It received the title Princess of the four Al-Zahrah which means full bloom comforter teen Lara mewangi both of her parents. However, when pregnant a fifth time, Khadijah was plead to God that they are given a son to brighten their home again. Allah the Most Gracious has respond to His slaves. They were given a son who is handsome and does not change like his father. Prince has been named Qasim Tayyib title name, which means son of the well. Not long after, when Muhammad was a messenger of Allah, Khadijah was pregnant again and gave birth to a son named Abdullah Tahir nickname given to that son of a holy and clean. However, Allah Almighty, both the son of Allah do not have time to run and fight with his father to expand and extend the call of God to man and the world. Both returned to the side of God when puberty yet again. Prophet and Khadijah pleased with the departure of their two children because they realize that semuja occurred on the will of God the Almighty. Therefore, the sadness of heart attack received a heart patient in the face of all trials from Allah SWT In fact, he is fully confident that everything is determined by him with wisdom that is hidden and not known by anyone. After passing Qasim and Abdullah, they are more focused attention to the four daughters who have moved into the realm of teenagers. The four beautiful daughters that properly educated and brought up the moral character to their children a good and obedient to both parents.