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Characteristics of Prophet Muhammad SAW

- Physical Prophet
Been issued by Ya'kub bin Sufyan Al-Faswi from Al-Hasan bin Ali ra. said: I was questioning pamanku (from the mother) Hind ibn Abi Halah, and I know he is very clever regard the behavior of the Prophet, but I would like once to be deemed to something of his character that I mencontohinya, he said: "It is Allah SAW is a great is always eminent, his face beaming in the night purnamanya eligible month, the high terialu not significant enough, not too short, his chest area, her hair is always neatly between the straight and wave, and extending to the edge of his ears, thick, black color, broad forehead, delicate lentik alisnya separated between them, as if his anger seems to combine, nose mancung, it seems to radiate light, heavy beard, his eyes black, the pipinya soft and smooth, thick mouth, his teeth white net and rarely, in the breast grow fine hairs, neck elongated, simple shape, bulk, more robust, even among his stomach and chest, broad chest, wide between the shoulders, spine large, clean skin, between the chest and belly full of fine hairs on the abdomen teteknya, and hair net, and on both arms, and shoulders, and over his chest hair, the long arms, large hands, soft bones, fingers on the palm of the hand and leg meat containing thick , the long ends of his fingers, palms of his feet not touching the chamber when he walked the land, and the palms of his feet soft and smooth with no folds, as if high water is gushing out, lifted his leg when diangkatnya with soft (not like the arrogant way), going and a gradual, long-term steps, such as those who move up the gap, when the heads of all his body, eyes always on the ground, he looks more look to see the earth from the heavens, he is rarely seen something so long, often running beriringan with his companions, who always started his greetings to the met.

- He Habits
Asked is: Sifatkanlah to the normally! Pamanku Answer: It seems like the Prophet who is ill, always a lot of thought, never beristirshat long, not to speak when there is no requirement, many diamnya, started talking and complete with full mulutnva, said mauti her treasure chest full of pearls, a kalimatnya, not excessive or continue to decrease, gently, not too rough or humiliating themselves, always bringing up a small favor though, do not ever blame any favors or too praised him, no one can defuse angry, when something of the truth so he can be humiliated him.

In another narration, it is said that he became angry because of the business world or anything that have to do with it, but when he saw the truth is degraded, there is no one that can be more than angry, so he can defend for it. He never angry for himself, or defend something to interest him, if mengisyarat minimum requirement with all hands, and was amazed when he reverted palm of his hand, and raised his hands when talking with the focus on the right hands at the thumb of his left hand, and when He continued to turn away from his anger towards the causes they are angry, and when he pleased dipejamkan eyes, most ketawanya is to smile, and when he laughed, he laughed like a cold dew.

Said Al-Hasan said: All these qualities in myself I keep the old as well. Then I talked about the Al-Husayn ibn Ali, and I think it's been asked pamanku first of what I ask it. And he also asked my father (Ali bin Abi Talib ra.) On his way out and sign him, and how duduknya, but about all things about the Prophet.

- House of the Prophet
Said Al-Hasan reported. : I also asked my father about the inclusion of the Prophet and he said: "influx into the house when it specifically allowed for it, and when he is in his timely three-part divided. A special section for Allah combinations, one point for his wives, and a further part of himself. But for his part made it to the business terpenuh among the people, spend time to serve the public and everyone is special, no one is distinguished from the others.
Between behavior while serving humanity, he always gives his attention to those who particularly for dididiknya, treated them according to their personal advantage in religion. There is the necessity of the two, and no more than that, then he will sit with them and treat all matters relating to their own personal and academic interests in general, try guided them what to do and tell them what to do committed to the interests of all those with alert was: "Let anyone present who is not present to attend. Do not forget to communicate to the needs of those who are unable to submit himself, because anyone who does not communicate the need to present themselves to the needs of a ruler, then Allah SWT will set the heel of the Day of Judgement, there is no mention things like that only.
He did not receive from another trial unless something maslahat ummatnya. They came to him as the person who made a pilgrimage, but they did not leave unless it contains. In the history of them, there is no break but after collecting a lot of interest, and their exit from majelisnya as a member in the case, his proposition.

- External Messenger
Al-Hasan said r.a. again: Then I asked about the situation outside, and what he made? The answer: It is Allah's Prophet when outside, always lock the tongue, unless it is of interest to ummatnya. He is always light-hearted to them, and not gross in fit. He always preferred the head of every tribe and people and put their qualifying place. Sometimes he reminded the public, but he always take care of their hearts not to be tested on their faces other than the sweet and noble character. He always asked his companions if they had not come, and always asking for the public and the news that ditanggunginya. Any good is admirable and advisable, and any bad censured and dicegahkan.
He always be in the middle of things, not many argue, has not been the default so they do not like standard or deviant, all the case is good and awake, and never play down or distort the truth, those who always support them, are those best conduct, the principal looked at sampingnya, the most able to give advice, the highest position, the most willing to sacrifice and help in any way.

- He Council
Said Al-Hasan reported. more: I then asked about the prophet majelis and how? The answer: That the Prophet did not sit in a majelis, or wake up from it, but he praises to God he never choose a particular place, and prohibit those requests are placed in a certain place. When he came to a place, in situlah he sat up, and he finished majelis make such orders. When confronted with the public given his views on everyone equally, so that those who are in majelisnya feel none of it is given more respect. If there are people who come to him as a needs, or a masliahat, he continued to attend with patience until the person up and back.
He does not ever make the request of a necessity, if granted to him, and if no answer with words that do not disappoint her. Budipekertinya very good, and the conduct is so smart. He treated everyone like his father, and they all looked the same side in the case of the truth, not biased. Majelisnya all warm-hearted, shy, embarrassment, patiently waiting, trust, have never heard a high voice, not made it all the dilarangi, not referred to the disgusting and wrong, all the same but with the advantages of obedience, humility and all that old Dear young, young and blessed by the parents, who must always come first, the foreign is always first.

Said Al-Hasan reported. again: I shall then ask about the behavior of the Prophet who always sits with him? The answer: It is always opposite the Prophet's folk, character easily entertained, seialu gentle, not hard or devilish, not gross or like calling out, she said no dirty words, no more joking or waffle not soon forget what he pleased, never disappoint those who hope in him, not like a person in despair. Very clearly in the conduct of the following three things. He does not like to blame people and memburukkannya. He does not like the look of shame and not talking about an exception that would generate interest and reward.
When he speaks, everyone who is in council view earnestly as if the bird is tertengger above their heads. When he stops talking, they start talking new, and when he spoke, the silence of all those thousand alkaline. They never argue in front of it. He laughs when they see it explode, and he was amazed when they were astonished. He always came to bear when the Bedouin are often rough and pushing when requesting something of them want to give in without a wait, so sometimes his companions were irritated and less happy, but he will have patience with them and said: "If you find someone who has to come , you must help him and do not disobey! ". He also does not expect praise from one of assisted, and praised him when they want it, he did not encourage to do so. He never cut anyone until the trial is finished talking, and then he speaks, or he was away from that place.

- He Silence
Al-Hasan said r.a. again: I have to ask is about silence, how is the situation? The answer: Silent Prophet depend on four things to consider, namely: For well-bred manners, be careful because, as the consideration of mankind, and because meditation. The reason is because of similarities in its consideration and views of human hearing. As for the meditation is on what remains and is destroyed. And is accumulated in the personal qualities of politeness and patience. There is nothing that can cause him to be angry, or hate it. And accumulated in the personal nature of care in four main areas, namely: Like a good and doing for the benefit of humanity in their affairs relating to the world or the hereafter, to be followed by others. He left the poor, to be avoided and not by others. Sought out the best ways to interest ummah, and do what it can bring benefits for ummah, was good for the world or the hereafter.

(Excerpt Thabarani - Majma'uz-Zawa'id 8:275)

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