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By the birth of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Muhammad is a descendant of Prophet Ismail, 12, son of the prophet with a path to be Arabs. The ancestors of Muhammad is the guardian of the House as well as community leaders in Mecca, where the goal around the Arab nations to visiting once a year. The tradition of pilgrimage now, in Islam, the hajj. One notable was Qusay who lived around the fifth century AD.

Qusay duties as guardian of the Ka'bah is holds the key ('hijabah'), lift the warlords by giving the flag a symbol that holds ('liwa'), host ('wifadah') and provide water for the pilgrims ('siqayah').

When older, Qusay surrender dear mandate on the oldest child, Abdud-Dar. But her second child, Abdul Manaf, a more respectable citizens. Son of Abdul Manaf is underdeveloped, and the Siamese twins and abdu Hasyim Syria should separated with a knife. Blood was spilled during their separation, the Arabs believed that it would be a sign of hostile descent.

The sons of Abdul Manaf House woo the right care of children Abdud-Dar is less credible in the community. Disputes weapons were almost there. Compromise agreement. Half right, that is to receive guests and provide food, given to the children Abdul Manaf. Hasyim who was believed to hold the mandate.

Son abdu Syria, Umayah, trying to grab the mandate. Judges ruled that the right remains on Hasyim. Umayah, according to the agreement, was forced to leave Makkah. Umayah-like lineage and Muawiyah, Abu Sofyan will always hostile to the descendants of Hashim.

Hashim married Salma bint Amr ago from Children Khazraj highly respected women in Yatsrib or Medina. They berputra Syaibah (which means white) in the parents identified as Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of Mohammed. These strong ties Muhammad to Medina, the city has chosen as a second migratory dimusuhi citizens of Mecca. Syaibah lived in Medina to replace Hasyim behind-the-peg it to be brought into town to meet him. Member of Mecca time to think Syaibah a retarded boy, then it is called with reference to Abdul Muttalib.

Abdul Muttalib inherit honor keep the House and lead the community. The fierceness of his name after he and his son, Harits, successfully digging and discovered the well of Zamzam which had long been lost. But it also could do fatal: promise to sacrifice (slaughter) of his sons when they were blessed with 10 children. So have 10 children, he'd perform his promise. Name of the ten children he votes ('kidah') in front of the statue of Hubal. Abdullah, Muhammad's father-selected.

Community against the plan Abdul Muttalib. They recommend to contact her astrologer. The astrologers say that the sacrifice may be replaced with the name of the camel and the camel as long as Abdullah elected. First ten camels at stake. However, Abdullah still selected by the vote. Total direct plus ten camels for ten. Just after one hundred camels, untalah out the vote, even if it is repeated three times. Abdullah safe.

Major events that occurred at the time of Abdul Muttalib are crushing Ka'bah article. A commander of the war the Government of Ethiopia (now Ethiopia) The Christian religion, Abraha, lifting himself as Governor of Yemen after they destroyed the Jewish government in the region. It disrupted the town's reputation as a place of pilgrimage to the Arabs. It is developing a new and grand Ka'bah in Yemen, and will destroy the Ka'bah in Mecca. Abraha gajahnya mobilize forces to attack Mecca.

Approaching Mecca, Abraha-Hunata menugasi assistant to meet Abdul-Muttalib. Hunata and Abdul Muttalib to meet Abraha who promised not to disturb people when they are allowed to destroy the Ka'bah. Abdul Muttalib anything. By crushing the Ka'bah there was disaster. Qur'an mentions the events of Abraha and his team in defeating Al-Field. "And He sent them" Toiron ABABIL ", which melempari them with stones of baked cadas, He made them like a worm-eaten leaves.

Public opinion saying "Toiron ABABIL" as the "Bird ABABIL" or "Bird berbondong-crowd." Book "Living History of Muhammad" written by Muhammad Husayn Haekal produce the smallpox germ Outbreak (probably meaning pestilence or Anthrax Outbreak-like disease which killed a third community in Europe and the Middle East 14th century). However, some analysis of the states in the years that there was meteor showers, hail heat berjatuhan or 'fly' from the sky. Wallahua'lam. What is certain is that time known as the Year of the Elephant, who is also the birth of Muhammad.

At that time, Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib was married Aminah. It then went berbisnis to Syria. On the way home, he fell ill and died in Medina. Muhammad was born after his father died. Dipertentangkan the day he was born. However, the opinion of Ibn Ishaq and friends of the most trusted people: namely that Muhammad was born on 12 Rabi 'al-Awal. Orientalis Caussin de Perceval in the 'Essai sur L'Histoire des arabes' collected Haekal mention the birth of Muhammad is AGUSTUS 570 AD. It was born at home kakeknya-place is not far from the Grand Mosque.

Abdul-Muttalib brought the baby in front of Ka'bah and given the name Muhammad, which means "praiseworthy". A name is not common at that time. They say, 'Abdul Muttalib able to give the baby a name similar Qustam, his name has died. However, based on inspiration, Ng suggested the name Muhammad.


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