Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collection of books about the prophet

Prophet Muhammad set of history books.

CELEBRATION Mawlid is the way history remembers the Prophet Muhammad SAW, as well as the question of his migration from Mecca to the Prophet Medina, Israk Mikraj and others.

As convention, the Muslims in Malaysia will celebrate the day after the birthday of the Prophet on 12 Rabi each year.

Month of Rabi recorded many important events in the history of Islamic civilization, one of the largest is the birth of Prophet Muhammad, appointing him as the messenger than the death of beloved Prophet who was buried in Madinah Al-Munawwarah in the same month.

Therefore, some authors are also encouraged to write books to share with their readers happy, thus appreciate the aspects of knowledge and know the travel history of the life of a prophet.

They discuss aspects of writing religious books and to share their love toward him in a meeting at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) recently.

"My personal view of aspects of the Prophet Muhammad, a hero. As Ali messages, if people see the face of the Prophet Muhammad would feel fear and fear of the great face of the prophet.

"But if the old residence of the Prophet Muhammad that person feel compassion and love him," said writer Muhammad bin Abdullah, Personals A Hero, Abdul Hakim Ahmad.

Abdul Hakim, encouraging readers to translate the spirit of the heroes to determine the time of the next generation and ensure the continued care of Islam.

While according to authors of books, Track Business Messenger Assoc. Emeritus Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman, to appreciate how the Prophet Muhammad business strategy we are seeking a variety of information to provide guidance in terms of managing the business.

"The methodology of collecting 40 of this strategy based on three sources, namely, al-Quran, sunnah, missionary strategy and tactics of war taken from the fiqh Sirah," he said, who is also a Lecturer in Kulliyyah Economics and Management Sciences, IIUM.

Co-author the book, Aizuddinur Zakaria, lift the spirit of young people want to share their knowledge through this book, and want to apply what they have learned during the lecture to jobs.

"For me, the reader can read the resume of Muhammad bin Abdullah, we simplify so that it looks fresh and readers can be a guide in matters of life and in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad," he said.

A brief meeting between the authors on the same day to find Like a writer Imran Yusuf at the heart of the Prophet Khadijah.

"We try to model the family relations of a wife of the prophet as a useful example and guide the prospective bride and groom and beautiful bride as a gift to the future," he said.

They all make the book Biography of Muhammad bin Abdullah as a basic guide and text book issue Assoc. Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naemah Nor Abd. Rahman was able to complete the personal knowledge of a prophet and enliven the discussion of the beloved dear Muslims, Muhammad bin Abdullah, the Messenger of Allah.

Consequently, various information will be posted each day on the web http://www.pts.com.my to encourage audience to know the Prophet Muhammad through the book useful and readable. Also to let information probably already forgotten, and it is as to remember and appreciate the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad spread Islam.

The microsite, http://www.pts.com.my/maulud established to facilitate the reader to see and purchase books related to the Prophet Muhammad's personal.

It's the biography of Muhammad, track business, war generals, the story of his wife, believed to Messenger tips and healthy ways.

Hopefully this micro site to help give the right to reference the fact that readers and boost Mawlid celebrations for the year 1431 and subsequent migration.

I hope this response will be more meaningful for us to read and travel meneladani the life of a prophet of mercy, the entire universe.

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